Leather Goods

All leather items are crafted by hand in our leather shoppe.  Pouches, straps, sheaths, belts, and more.  Primal Edge and Leatherworks would appreciate the chance to design your next leather purchase.

Below is a small sample of our leather products.


Leather sheaths

A traditional choice, revered for it's combination of beauty and durability.  Leather sheaths come standard on all Primal Edge Knives.  Custom sheath orders are also welcome.  

Prices starting at $45.00


Leather pouches

Strapped on your belt, or stuffed in your rucksack, a leather pouch for organizing your gear.  With or without a belt strap, dangler options and more, various sizes and features are available.

Prices starting at $65.00


Custom leather

Leather is an extremely versatile material.  From straps to bedrolls, belts and more, we can help you customize your kit for your next outdoor adventure.

Estimates only