Canvas & More

Outdoor gear is not limited to just knives and leather, so neither are we.  Canvas bags, walking staffs, fire kits, ferro rods, whatever your needs are, Primal Edge and Leatherwork is ready to help.

Below is just a small sample of our what we can create.  Visit our gallery of gear to view more.

Canvas Items

Canvas tinder pouches, bags, and possibles pouches

Prices starting at


Hiking Staffs

Hand hewn from locally harvested saplings, our hiking staffs are much more than just a debarked stick.  Each one is aged and whittled to final shape, while still maintaining its natural flow.  Inlaid with various materials, liners and more, we can design countless looks into your staff.  

Our most popular style is inlaid flag colors to represent your heritage.

Prices starting at $45.00

Ferro Rods

Using various materials such as Micarta, wood, and cork, custom handles are turned and married to quality ferro rods and magnesium rods.  Rods come in various sizes and can be fit into countless handle designs.  All handles are made to order, based on your specifications.

Prices start at $15.00

We occasionally have inventory for these items, be sure to check availability.