About Us


It's always been a part of me...

At least for as far back as I can remember.  The outdoors was just someplace where I felt home.  The smells and sounds of nature, the peace you feel when the river runs in the background.  To this day I long for the days before cell phones, wi-fi, the internet, and $5.00 cups of designer coffee.life was simpler, and yet so much more fulfilling.  At forty plus years old, the bug has yet to leave me.  

Growing up with an "I can fix it myself" type of father, I was no stranger to tools, I was ripping apart the lawn mowers by the time I was 10.  It seemed a logical marriage, creativity and nature.  In 2013 Primal Edge and Leatherwork was born.  I'm proud to share with you, my craft, and my passion.  It would be my pleasure to provide  you with quality outdoor gear.  if you have any questions, my name is Michael, drop me an email.