Primal Edge and Leatherworks is dedicated to providing quality custom outdoor gear.  Each item is handmade to order, ensuring that every piece is unique for each owner.

Since most items are commissioned, we seldom carry inventory.  If, however, you see something you like, just email us for availability.


Few can argue the importance of a quality blade at your side when adventuring outdoors. Our knives can be fitted with countless handle and sheath options.  Mix and match your favorite materials to create a knife you'll be proud to carry.


Leather goods

Nothing embodies that nostalgic feeling of yesteryear, as effectively as a quality piece of leather. Sheathes, bedroll straps, belts, and more.  Let Primal Edge help you design your next bit of leather kit.


Canvas and more

Fire kits, hiking staffs, and ferro rods.  Primal Edge offers a wide variety of items to enhance your outdoor experience.  Be sure to see what we have on hand, we're always adding new items to the store.